Anton Poon was born in Hong Kong in 1989 and went to Australia at the age of 13.
He has an advanced Masters of Visual Arts degree in Sculpture from Australian National University, where he also received his Bachelor’s of Visual Arts (Hon) in Sculpture. He received an advanced Diploma of Visual Art and Design from Canberra Institute of Technology. 

He is the recipient of several awards including: 2022 Winner of the Société Générale 
Contemporary Art Collection, 2022 Recipient of the 6th Hong Kong Cultural and Creative Industry Award, 2021 1st runner up of the international art professional award, Mondial Art Academia and 2020 Semi-Finalist, Artbox Projects, Barcelona, Spain.

"My practice investigates concepts of cultural transition and personal identity. My Sculpture uses complex geometric shapes and multi-angled forms to open a dialogue about different cultures and peoples. I developed this theme from my experience as someone who lives with a multicultural identity, which comes from a connection shared between Australia and Hong Kong, each of which is both home and alien. It is living with this precarious sense of identity that drives my practice, both conceptually and physically. The work explores these themes by using abstract and open-ended forms and structures, in tandem with materials that weather and change in response to their environment." Anton Poon shared.