b. 1967, Suihua, China. Lives and works in Beijing, China.

As one of China’s most celebrated artist, Cang Xin holds the profound belief that all things have spirit, and approaches his work as a means to promote harmonious communication with nature. His works have included bathing with lizards, adorning the clothing of strangers, and prostrating himself on icy glaciers: each act representing a ritual of becoming the other. Cang’s Communication series is an ongoing series that began in 1996, and involves his engagement with the world and his tongue.
26 May - 28 Aug, 2011
Since the Stars (XING XING, in Chinese) Exhibition of 1979 there have been many moments of struggle for artists in China. A struggle to express themselves through art during times of open attitude and times of closing, traditional thinking and changing times. This exhibition brings together 17 artists’ works that contribute to the ongoing discussion on artistic freedom and expression in China and beyond its borders.
18 May - 15 Jul, 2007
Important Works by Fang Lijun, Wang Guangyi, Ma Liuming, Cui Xiuwen, Huang Rui, Wang Keping, Cang Xin, Zhang Peng and Yan Qian