b. 1984, Prey Veng, Cambodia. Lives in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Chan Dany is one of few emerging artists in Cambodia creating contemporary work that employs a flexible knowledge of kbach rachana, or Khmer decorative forms – an ancient code of organic shapes and patterns applied in different styles. His practice requires a repetition and patience reminiscent of traditional master-artisan methods of production, such as silk weaving. From a distance Chan’s art even resembles tapestry work, but upon closer viewing his technique is revealed. Of his arduous and delicate practice, Chan speaks about the materials he employs, noting that what was once his waste is now his medium, “My work is about the evolution of materials and knowledge. I take a wooden material apart and apply its pieces back together onto a wooden surface.”
22 - 26 Mar, 2016
Featuring works by 23 artists from Cambodia, Myanmar (Burma), Thailand and Vietnam,
"Shapeshifting: Contemporary Art from Southeast Asia" at 10 Chancery Lane Art Projects
in Hong Kong’s Chai Wan district will present some of the most interesting and
innovative voices from Southeast Asia. Focused on the region’s shifting range of art
practices, the exhibition focuses on four countries from Indochina: Myanmar, Thailand,
Cambodia and Vietnam. There is a certain connection that can be felt among the works
but the origins and dialogues in play all have different sources that are particular to the artists’ personal backgrounds paired with the national, religious, political or social identity of each one.
25 - 29 Mar, 2015
Visit 10 Chancery Lane Gallery at Stand E13 at Art Paris 2015 in the Grand Palais. The gallery will exhibit artwork by leading artists from Southeast Asia including Dinh Q. Le, Vu Dan Tan and Bui Cong Khanh (Vietnam), Chan Dany (Cambodia) and Manit Sriwanichpoom (Thailand), as well as Chinese artist Wang Keping.