Chan’s art practice focuses on photography, especially documentary photography. His work revolves around the politics of photography, social phenomena, suffering, and power dynamics. He makes video works with filming and found footage. He has been taking street photographs since he was 18. As an observer on the street, he notices that people mainly come from social injustice. He tends to voice out through the medium of photography as he believes in its power. In his works, he is often presented as a bystander, while sometimes a participant. His art practice is also a way for him to understand himself.

No Longer Home is a body of work centering around the power dynamic and violence behind it. The work encompasses three staged photographs and an installation. Chan started the project after a long process of precipitation from July 2020. Photographing himself, he is the only participant inside these photos to illustrate that everyone can both be dominant and submissive. In rethinking the similar power dynamic of BDSM, he uses eroticism to convey violence and power dynamics in alternative situations.

Chan Ho Wang graduated from the School of Creative Media at the City University of Hong Kong.