b. 1977, US. Lives and works in California, USA.

Nguyen creates wall-sized photo-based drawings that are luminous, mysterious and easily interpreted as the cosmos. Nature and the sea largely inspire her works, which she describes as homages to nature. More uniquely, she incorporates natural elements that she collected in the wild into her art, one of which is salt crystals, which is found in many of her pieces.
22 - 26 Mar, 2016
Featuring works by 23 artists from Cambodia, Myanmar (Burma), Thailand and Vietnam,
"Shapeshifting: Contemporary Art from Southeast Asia" at 10 Chancery Lane Art Projects
in Hong Kong’s Chai Wan district will present some of the most interesting and
innovative voices from Southeast Asia. Focused on the region’s shifting range of art
practices, the exhibition focuses on four countries from Indochina: Myanmar, Thailand,
Cambodia and Vietnam. There is a certain connection that can be felt among the works
but the origins and dialogues in play all have different sources that are particular to the artists’ personal backgrounds paired with the national, religious, political or social identity of each one.
03 Mar - 04 Apr, 2011 10 Chancery Lane Gallery
Vietnamese American artist, Christine Nguyen, creates her art like a scientific laboratory of chimerical fantastical worlds lost between the deep sea and the cosmos. Using combinations of painting, drawing and growing salt crystals on transparent sheets she creates vibrant large murals by way of a camera-less process of photography. 10 Chancery Lane Gallery will relaunch the newly renovated Central gallery with Christine Nguyen debut exhibition of large mural works and installation work of crystallized salt.
14 May - 16 Aug, 2009
Co-curated by Dinh Q. Lê and Zoe Butt in cooperation with San Art, Ho Chi Minh City

Khánh Công Bùi, Tiffany Chung, Phù Nam Thúc Hà, Christine Nguyễn, Thi Trinh Nguyễn, Tuấn Andrew Nguyễn, Tuấn Thái Nguyễn, Tú Đức Nguyễn, Rich Streitmatter - Trần