This is a set of 2 screen-printings depicting a series of unfortunate events happening at the same time, indoor and outdoor respectively. Both of the scenarios are from a high angle looking at the view. I want the audience to be able to have the sights of God looking down at the people on Earth as I believe everything is planned by God or a high majesty of all.
The two circles represent two focal points from a higher angle. The 22 unlucky events are happening outdoors, and 29 events in the indoor scenario. All the unfortunate events are happening at the same moment to show that it is a normal phenomenon to face these events. Besides, all the events depicted in the artworks are actual odd accidents that happened around the world.

I believe all people have experienced different kinds of unlucky events in their lives. But not everyone dares to accept what happened to them. We might feel like the unluckiest person in the world at the moment we encounter an unlucky event.

AR technology has also been applied in this artwork. While people are looking at the prints, they can activate the AR and view the artwork. All the accidents will be happening at the same time. Also, as all the events have happened in reality, I would like to use AR (augmented reality) to bring them back to the reality of the audience, where the events are happening right in front of them.

Eugene Lun is a Bachelor's degree graduate of Hong Kong Baptist University Academy of Visual Arts.