My art focuses on exploring my experience and the nature of religion and culture. I wondered what would happen when Thangka culture met contemporary minds? I am interested in how to maintain the unique nature of Thangka while adding new elements to it, such that its uniqueness is not lost when put under a modern context. I try to sense and feel the philosophy behind Thangka with all symbols set aside. Thus, the very nature of Thangka is what I want to represent. This language is used to reconstruct the poetic world that grasped my heart.

I am deeply inspired by Merleau-Ponty’s philosophy where he says, “Things lived in him for many years. They populated him, they carpeted the furthest recesses of his memory. They were present within him…to pluck these monstrous slithering flowers from his inner depths and render them than to fix their qualities based on minute observations.” Art is not only a record or a result of observation of the world, but a process to reflect and digest.

Chantal Fok Wai Chung is a Master of Art in Fine Arts graduate from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. She obtained a Bachelor's degree majoring in Fine Arts from CUHK with First-Class Honours in 2014.