b. 1979 in Shanghai, China, where he lives and works

Shanghai based artist Gu Benchi uses innovative materials in his practice of weaving polyester thread into splendid three-dimensional wall hangings, sculptures and site-specific installations. With high-vibrational colours and geometric patterns his lattice matrixes are complex in structure and mathematical balance emphasising the cyclical nature of the universe being without beginning nor end.

Gu benchi

b.1979 in Shanghai, China, and lives and works in Shanghai, China



2014  “Endless Lines” Fabrik Gallery, Hong Kong



2017     “In X Shanghai” Contemporary Art Group Exhibition, ISGO Gallery, Shanghai, China

             “Degree Zero of Art” the Rational Expression of Abstract Art, Hive Center for

             Contemporary Art, Beijing, China

             “Urban Fable” Greenland Colorful Cities Art Exhibition, Greenland Art Gallery,

              Shanghai, China

             “Cismontane Scenery Beyond Compare Here” Joint Exhibition of Young Artists, Mount

             Qiyun Art Field, Mount Huang, China

             “Line” China and South Korea Exchange Project “Bridge” Series II, Korean Cultural

             Institution, Shanghai, China

             “FOTILE Theatre” FOTILE Art Transboundary Annual Exhibition - Shanghai Section,   

             FOTILE Style Experience Center, Shanghai, China

2016     “Urban Variation” - Spindrift.Urban Spacial Creative Art Project, Hongqiao Vanke Center,

             Shanghai, China

             Chen Danyang & Gu Benchi Duo Art Exhibition, G-COLLECTION Gallery, Shanghai, China

             “Discover the world” Contemporary Art Group Exhibition, CREATER SPACE,

             Shanghai, China

             “Mix”Group Exhibition in May, ISGO Gallery, Shanghai, China

2015     The 1st National Biennial Comprehensive Materials Painting Exhibition, Ningbo Museum of

             Art, Ningbo, China

             “Diamond Leaves” The 2nd Exhibition of Artists’ Books From Around the World, CAFA Art    

             Museum, Beijing, China

             “Infinite Touch” Abstract Artwork Group Exhibition, ISGO Gallery, Shanghai, China

2014     “Pursuing Dream” --- Shanghai Sculpture Exhibition”, Shanghai Sculpture Space,  

             Shanghai, China

             The 12th National Exhibition of Fine Arts, The National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China

             “Synaesthesia” Talented Young Artists Exchange Exhibition Cross the Strait, 798 Soka Art

             Center, Beijing, China

             “Image Is Concept” Group Exhibition, Dalian Art Museum, Dalian, China

2013      “Color Temperature” China Young Artist Project Group Exhibition, CHINA ISTANBUL  

              EXCHANGE EXHIBITION, Osman Hamdi Bey Hall Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University,

              Istanbul, Turkey

              “Interactive Vision” - A Contemporary Art Exhibition across the Strait, National Taiwan

             Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan and The National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China

             “Story of the Twin Cities” - Li Zeng Guo and Gu Benchi Duo Art Exhibition, The Galley,

             Shanghai, China

2012     “NEW DIRECTION” Young Chinese Contemporary Artists Exhibition, Sino-Russian Cultural

             Exchange Year, MOMA Contemporary Art Museum, Moscow, Russia

             CYAP China Young Artist Project Group Exhibition, No. 5 Guanghua Road International  

             Convention and Exhibition Center, Beijing, China

2010     “Beyond Vision” - Group Exhibition of Young Artists, Zhujiajiao Himalaya Museum,

             Shanghai, China

2009     “Community Community” Group Exhibition, Wanshengyuan Art Museum, Beijing, China

2008     Winners Exhibition of Epson Color Image Contest, Epson Art Gallery, Beijing & Shanghai,