In the lapse between everyday footsteps, we find ourselves as contradictory yet coexisting beings - within the repressive comfort of discipline, and the imprisoning capacity of space. We define space, yet are framed by its settings. Our flesh inhabits our senses, but our spirit desperately wants to become an exile of its bodily limitations. Under the control of the highly regulated social construct, and daily commodities can both be a symbol of power and a spiritual outlet. Within the duality of stability and threat we face, and across the vague boundary of the real and the virtual, we attempt to look for a way forward under the constant struggle of the body and mind. Then at one particular moment, we discover in the mist, what Carl Jung said in The Red Book, "Life is an energetic process like any other. But every energetic process is in principle irreversible and therefore unequivocally directed toward a goal, and the goal is the state of rest... Becoming and passing away is the same curve."

This is not an asylum we are in. This is LIFE!

Haynie Sze Wing Yee is a Master of Fine Arts graduate, Chinese University Hong Kong.