My sculptures are fractured configurations of the human body. To reveal the emotions and the emptiness of my generation, questioning the relationship between individuals and society, human beings and the world.

In recent years I tried to explore the boundaries of material expression. In some unfired experimental works, I eliminate various techniques and decorations, back to basics, and sought the possibility of dialogue with the material through the touch of raw clay.

I use my feelings about life to create ceramic sculptures. Using the unique firing method of ceramics with variable glaze colours to produce touching human sculptures. The theme of my work is to explore and reveal the inner emotions of urbanites. By showing the broken and mutilated human body, I question the relationship between individuals and society, as well as, human beings and the world. The style of my work is between realism and abstraction. The visual effect transcends the nature of the soil, which looks like bronze or rusty iron.

Henry graduated with a Master of Arts in Fine Arts, Chinese University Hong Kong.