b. 1952, Beijing, China. Lives and works in Beijing, China.

Huang Rui is one of China’s most highly regarded artists and was one of the main protagonists of the first non-conformist art groups in 1979 China. A leader of the Stars Group (Xing Xing) art exhibition, he was pivotal in the art movement that initiated some of the first free art expressions in the Post-Mao era bringing together like-minded artists such as Wang Keping and Ma Desheng. As a seminal figure of the Dashanzi Factory 798 Art District, Huang Rui has sought to express art’s function as a reflection of society and its strength in addressing contemporary concerns.
2006 One Country Two Systems - 50 Years Unchanged!
2009 Artworks
2012 Language-Colour
2013 Artworks
2015 artworks
2017 Art Los Angeles Contemporary
2018 Art Los Angeles Contemporary
2018 The Armory Show
2019 Art Basel HK
2016 Art021 Shanghai
Art Basel Hong Kong 2022
2019 Art Basel Miami Beach - Reunion with Photography
1980-2000 Ink Paintings
2016 Intersections: Huang Rui and Japanese Art from the 1980s
2018 KIAF Art Seoul
2016 Art Basel HK
2014 Space Structure
2020 The Stillness Within