b. 1952, Beijing, China. Lives and works in Beijing, China.

Huang Rui is one of China’s most highly regarded artists and was one of the main protagonists of the first non-conformist art groups in 1979 China. A leader of the Stars Group (Xing Xing) art exhibition, he was pivotal in the art movement that initiated some of the first free art expressions in the Post-Mao era bringing together like-minded artists such as Wang Keping and Ma Desheng. As a seminal figure of the Dashanzi Factory 798 Art District, Huang Rui has sought to express art’s function as a reflection of society and its strength in addressing contemporary concerns.
17 Mar - 30 Apr, 2023
03 - 06 Oct, 2019 10 Chancery Lane Gallery

07 - 10 Mar, 2019
09 May - 22 Jun, 2018 10 Chancery Lane Gallery
10 Chancery Lane Gallery is proud to present “Ink Paintings 1980 – 2000” by renowned artist Huang Rui. The solo exhibition will present a series of ink paintings that Chinese artist created during 1980 to 2000.
Black 0-2017-Oil on canvas
19 - 22 Apr, 2018
10 Chancery Lane Gallery proudly presents Huang Rui, Wang Keping and Frog King Kwok at Art Brussels 2018 at Booth C05-C07.
Yin and Yang No.3 by Huang Rui
08 - 11 Mar, 2018
10 Chancery Lane Gallery proudly present a solo exhibition of selected important artworks by accalimed artist Huang Rui.
26 - 29 Jan, 2017
10 Chancery Lane Gallery will be introducing for the first time in Los Angeles at the Art Los Angeles Contemporary Art Fair January 26-29, 2017, Barker Hangar, Santa Monica important works by Chinese artists Huang Rui and Wang Keping. Performance by Huang Rui: Thursday 26 January 7:30pm. Artist's Talk: Sotheby's Institute Talk on Saturday 28 January 11:30am.
10 - 13 Nov, 2016
Visit 10 Chancery Lane Gallery at Booth P02 at Art021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair. The Gallery presents a solo exhibition of paintings and sculpture by acclaimed artist Huang Rui. In this presentation, Huang Rui’s “Language Form” painting and sculptures and “I-Ching” paintings will be exhibited together. The juxtaposition of these two series is not only visually impactful, but also serves as a deep insight into Huang Rui’s philosophical and aesthetic outlook, with China’s traditions of language, poetry and philosophy embodied in two and three-dimensional forms.
21 Mar - 21 May, 2016 10 Chancery Lane Gallery
Chinese artist Huang Rui spent nearly two decades in Japan after founding the Stars
Group in Beijing in 1979. For the first time we will explore the works of Huang Rui during
this period alongside some of his contemporaries in Japan. Chiba Shigeo (art critic and lecturer at Chubu University) is the academic director of the exhibition.
Light and Belief
24 - 26 Mar, 2016 10 Chancery Lane Gallery
Visit 10 Chancery Lane Gallery at Booth 1D39 at Art Basel Hong Kong 2016. Presented in Hong Kong for the first time, "Light and Belief: Sketches of Life from the Vietnam War" by Vietnamese artist Dinh Q. Le, explores the lives and work of artists who were sent into the battle zones during the Vietnamese/American War. Comprised of a documentary film and an installation of 102 original drawings by Vietnmaese artists, the installation is a beautifully powerful and moving artwork by one of Asia's most successful artists.

Booth: 1D39
13 Mar - 30 May, 2015
Huang Rui and Wang Keping were the founders of the Stars group art exhibition in 1979, widely considered the pioneering first movement of Chinese contemporary art. Their new works of sculptures by Wang Keping and painting, installation, video and performance by Huang Rui balance and contrast with each other in this new exhibition: Black and White Cats.
Art15 London
21 - 23 May, 2015
10 Chancery Lane Gallery will be showing works by STARS artists Huang Rui and Wang Keping at ART15, London's Global Art Fair 21-23 May, 2015. Please visit us at Booth B1. Works by Ko Siu Lan and Bui Cong Khanh will also be featured in the Freedom Audit section.
09 - 12 Apr, 2015
Visit 10 Chancery Lane Gallery at Booth G10 at Dallas Art Fair in the Fashion Industry Gallery, 1807 Ross Avenue. The gallery will exhibit artwork by artists Cai Quo-Qiang, Huang Rui, Ken Matsubara, Rong Rong and Inri, Shi Guorui, Wang Keping and Wang Shugang.
Frog Mountain
15 - 17 Mar, 2015 10 Chancery Lane Gallery
Visit 10 Chancery Lane Gallery at Booth 1D38 and Encounters E3 at Art Basel Hong Kong 2015! The gallery will exhibit work from the 1970s by Hong Kong artist Frog King (Kwok Mang Ho), and the 1980s by Chinese artists Huang Rui and Wang Keping. Three defining artists from Hong Kong and China! They are joined by important Vietnamese artist, Dinh Q. Le whose work will be featured in a major retrospective at the Mori Museum in the Summer of 2015.
09 May - 16 Aug, 2014 10 Chancery Lane Gallery
A series of Huang Rui’s important early works dating from the era of 1983-1986 will be shown for the first time in Hong Kong. These early abstract works represent a new framing of reality for contemporary China, one that becomes free from the expressions of socialist realism, which controlled art under Maoist China. They are now being re-examined as significant examples of contemporary art deeply rooted in Chinese philosophies and structures setting Huang Rui apart from art of that era
15 - 18 May, 2014 10 Chancery Lane Gallery
Please come and meet us on booth 1D43 where we will be presenting works by: ATUL DODIYA, DINH . Q. Le, VU DAN TAN, THE PROPELLER GROUP, HUANG RUI, SHAO YINONG & MUCHEN, KONSTANTIN BESSMERTNY and WANG KEPING.
27 - 30 Mar, 2014
Join us at Art Paris,from March 27th to March 30th 2014
Grand Palais, China Section, Booth F11

We are presenting works by:
Huang Rui, Ma Desheng, Pan Jian, Shi Guorui, Wang Keping, Xiao Lu, Xiao Zheluo, Zhao Gang
01 - 17 Aug, 2013 10 Chancery Lane Gallery
10 Chancery Lane Gallery invites you to HOT SUMMER NIGHTS Group Exhibition
Join us at the opening reception on Thursday, 01 August, 2013 6:30-8:30pm
Exhibition runs until 17th August, 2013.
Works can be viewed on
12 - 29 Jul, 2012 10 Chancery Lane Gallery
On the occasion of the anniversary of Hong Kong's handover to China, 10 Chancery Lane Gallery will exhibit once again the work of HUANG RUI, "One Country Two System, Fifty Years Unchanged!" and invites Hong Kong Participants to unbox and place the items upon their shelves.
Four Reds
19 Apr - 09 May, 2012
10 Chancery Lane Gallery is proud to present this new series of works by renowned artist Huang Rui. Language-Color is a series of recent experimental paintings by Chinese Artist Huang Rui that explores the relationship between text and color, language and visual experience.
26 May - 28 Aug, 2011
Since the Stars (XING XING, in Chinese) Exhibition of 1979 there have been many moments of struggle for artists in China. A struggle to express themselves through art during times of open attitude and times of closing, traditional thinking and changing times. This exhibition brings together 17 artists’ works that contribute to the ongoing discussion on artistic freedom and expression in China and beyond its borders.
23 Nov - 15 Dec, 2010 10 Chancery Lane Gallery
Within the busy world in which we live there is something to be said about the search of emptiness. The Eastern spiritual mantras allow us to stop and reflect. It allows us to think about life and who we are.
17 Sep - 10 Oct, 2009 10 Chancery Lane Gallery
Huang Rui’s solo exhibition Comerchina, is co-curated by Bérénice Angremy and Julia Colman.
Huang Rui’s new works of paintings and installations deal with China’s obsession with the power of money and the process of over-commercialization in China and all things Chinese. Through the current of fast-paced times is born “Comerchina.” Comerchina is a coined word meaning ‘made in China’ or ‘commercial China’. A new Chinese world order that is based more on commerce than on the intellectual.
18 May - 15 Jul, 2007
Important Works by Fang Lijun, Wang Guangyi, Ma Liuming, Cui Xiuwen, Huang Rui, Wang Keping, Cang Xin, Zhang Peng and Yan Qian