Laurent Gutierrez, b. 1966, Casablanca; Valérie Portefaix, b. 1969, Saint-Etienne, France. Live and work in Hong Kong.

Map Office is a multidisciplinary platform devised by an artist/architect duo, who have been based in Hong Kong since 1996, working on physical and imaginary spaces using a variety of mediums such as drawing, photography, film, installations, performance, and literary texts. Their entire project forms a critique of spatio-temporal anomalies and documents how human beings subvert and appropriate space. Humour, games and fiction are also part of their approach, in the form of small publications providing a further format for disseminating their work.
Various artists and the Katie De Tilly Foundation
01 Jan 2011

Love the Future is an art and poetry exhibition consists of more than 50 artists and poets from Hong Kong expressing their concerns on freedom of speech and artistic expression in China. Most importantly, it is a reaction towards the unjust detention of artist Ai Weiwei by the Chinese authority. Ai Weiwei said in his book “…I think that every person must do something for others; that is the only way this world will see change.” This show is dedicated to the spirit of “Do something for others” and is an ongoing effort to fight for justice and defend basic human rights.