Identity and sexuality are always in flux. When the world is constantly influencing each other, it is sometimes difficult to locate ourselves. One might feel lost in one’s domestic environment, evoking a sense of dislocation and alienation. Other people, products, and media exposure by society reinforce this confusing way of life. Living members of these societies are currently on a journey to land their individuality, guided by cultural, historical, and political discourse.

Taking portraits of myself in clothing and environments not entirely familiar to me represents an extroverted inner reflection of finding ease in my identity as a person with Hong Kong-Japanese blood. I communicate my lack of proficiency in my native Chinese and Japanese languages, combined with my coming to terms with my sexuality. Red is an important colour within China and Japan, portraying luck, happiness, and fertility. I attempt to embody this colour to open myself up to the world.

Turbulence is the current representation of myself. Turbulence is a dynamic clash of my ambiguity. It is a culmination of my further dive into my Hong Kong side while simultaneously being collided with my Japanese side. It shows a rediscovery of places close to home and an intervention of Hong Kong history that Japan has intervened on. I also embody nostalgic Hong Kong culture, particularly Agnes Chan and her song ‘Hong Kong, Hong Kong’ to present my not belonging within the local environment.

Masahiro Nakamura is a Bachelor of Art in Fine Arts from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology co-presented by the Hong Kong Art School.