b. 1964, Shanxi, China. Lives and works in Beijing, China.

Regarded as one of China’s most famous photographers, Shi Guorui takes large-scale iconic photographs using the technique camera obscura with a pinhole camera. His images include the Shanghai skyline, Hong Kong skyline and the famed Bird’s Nest Stadium designed by Ai Wei Wei.

Shi Guorui’s interest in using the camera obscura method goes deeper than documenting monumental city scenes. In showing the cities, void of distraction, he steps into the realm of explaining or observing different cultures and social or political issues. The black and white, large-scale images challenge the viewer to look more closely at familiar scenes. The process of making of his photographs is as important to Shi Guorui is as the photos themselves. He looks at it as a spiritual and meditative process and appreciates the way it allows him to escape the ever-fast-growing world around us, especially in China today.