Wang Keping was one of the founders of the non-conformist artist group “The Stars” (Xing Xing), formed in 1979 during the post-Cultural Revolution “Beijing Spring”. This group of young avant-garde artists challenged the status quo and were pivotal in initiating some of the first free art expressions in the Post-Mao era bringing together like-minded artists such as Huang Rui and Ma Desheng. As one of France and China’s foremost sculptors, Wang Keping’s sculptures are an exploration of the human form. With a natural intuition of space and balance, they convey a highly sensual representation of the female body, of man and woman, mother and child. Wang Keping reveals the natural contours of the wood: the grain; knots; and flaws to evoke figurative representations in his work. Inspired in his early years by masters of European Modernist sculpture, his search today stems from Taoist ideas of simplicity and nature, material and the non-material, physical and spiritual, each piece defying definition.

Stars Forever Stars
Wang Keping
31 Mar 2019

The Stars Exhibition 40th Anniversary
Huang Rui, Ma Desheng, Wang Keping, Liu HeungShing
27 Mar 2019
Wang Keping - UCCA
10 Chancery Lane Gallery, Wang Keping and UCCA
01 Jan 2014

The catalogue is published on the occasion of Wang Keping's solo exhibition at Ullens Center for Contemporay Art, Beijing from September 27, 2013 - January 5, 2014.

Wang Keping and 10 Chancery Lane Gallery
01 Jan 2008

This 378-page monograph documents Wang Keping’s personal history as an artist and for the first time publishes in full his ‘Memoirs of the Stars Exhibition’ (written in 1980 and edited in 2008) in its original Chinese, with English and French translations.  This important text documents the day-by-day events of all the key players in this important movement.
Other contributors to the book include Musée Maillol curator Bertrand Lorquin, author of Art and Artists of Twentieth-Century China Professor Michael Sullivan and a biography of the artist by Katie de Tilly.  In addition, it includes a chapter about Wang Keping from, New York Times journalist, Fox Butterfield’s 1981 book, China, Alive in the Bitter Sea.Wang Keping’s works from the days of the Stars Exhibition through to the current day are looked at and his major themes are explored.  The evolution of his work over the years can be seen here through some of his favourite works where form and nature guide his path.

ISBN: 978-988-97432-3-9