O.C.P. - Outside Context Problem Li Wei, Huang Rui, anothermountainman, Cang Xin
29 Sep - 15 Nov, 2006

O.C.P. (Outside Context Problem), curated by Simon Birch 

The title of the show, ‘O.C.P.’ (Outside Context Problem) is like any problem outside a society's experience, with an immediate, ubiquitous and lasting impact upon an entire culture. A OCP is "outside the context," as it is generally not considered until it occurs, and the capacity to actually conceive, or consider the OCP in the first place, may not be possible, or of very limited restraint (i.e. one may not have the knowledge or ability to realize that the OCP can arise). An example of OCP is an event where a society does not consider the possibility that a much more advanced society can exist, and then if encounters one or, when an unexpected event happens that drastically changes the situation in a given culture.

Curated by Simon Birch


Simon Birch – UK/Hong Kong
Huang Rui – China
Li Wei – China
Cang Xin – China
Wing Shya – Hong Kong
Anthony Lam – Hong Kong
Stanley Wong/ Anothermountainman – Hong Kong
Tatsuyuki Tanaka – Japan