Rubiks and Crystals Anton Poon
05 Oct - 09 Nov, 2023
HONG KONG October/November 2023 -- 10 Chancery Lane is proud to present new sculptures by Hong Kong-Australian artist Anton Poon from October 5 - November 9, 2023. The exhibition is in two parts, the “Rubiks” (pedestal based works) and the “Crystals” (wall mounted works). This new series of works made of painted steel consist of interconnected and geometrical patterns with complex relationships of form that investigate ideas surrounding human interaction and relationships, with a specific focus on the contrasting concepts of distance and intimacy, emotions and connections, and complexity and delicacy. If one module were to collapse, everything would tumble—a commentary on the significance of support and collaboration in achieving a greater good within modern society.

Anton Poon describes this series by saying, “ My sculpture creation has been a significant aspect of my personal life since my education in Australia. I perceive art-making as encompassing more than mere technical and conceptual proficiency. At a deeper level, it serves as a means through which I express my emotions, observations, and discoveries, utilizing sculpture as a vehicle for conveying statements. Throughout the process of sculpting, I am able to explore and contemplate everyday encounters and emotions, posing inquiries and challenging conventional notions of normalcy and human interactions. To emphasize these distinctive perspectives and modes of thinking, I employ three distinct techniques: geometric forms, contrasting colours, and visual lightness.”

"The Rubiks" (pedestal based works) encompass a collection of abstract modules in varying sizes, combined with a dynamic amalgamation of contrasting colours. These multi-angled works aim to convey the possibilities and potentials inherent in everyday experiences, fostering an open dialogue that encourages viewers to relate their individual encounters and experiences to the artwork.

"The Crystals" (wall mounted works) represents another body of work that shares the same pattern as "The Rubiks," albeit with an additional incision within the pattern. I view these sculptures as multidimensional crystals that thrive on their inherent possibilities and potentials. They possess the ability to develop their own logic while remaining valid within our world. This body of work serves as a commentary on seemingly similar entities, emphasizing that acknowledging and embracing potentials can lead to vastly different outcomes. It encourages us to embrace the possibilities within our own surroundings and adopt forms that are most suited to our individual selves.

Poon perceives sculpture as representing the keys and challenges we encounter on a daily basis, necessitating exploration, understanding, and reflection to unlock their various potentials. Much like individuals adapting to their surroundings and circumstances by assuming different roles, sculptures possess a similar flexibility.

The incorporation of colour serves as a new language within his artistic practice, thereby establishing a stronger relationship between the sculpture and its surroundings. Poon says that following his return to Hong Kong from Australia, he recognized the need, as an artist, to assert his stance and make deliberate statements through his work. Drawing inspiration for the colours from his everyday surroundings, such as the colours of bike lines, the yellow lines at train stations, and hues extracted from various buildings allows him to Envision a future wherein his sculptures are publicly displayed. “I foresee them becoming a means to synergize and establish a triadic relationship between the surrounding environment, the audience, and the artist.”

Anton Poon was born in Hong Kong in 1989 and went to Australia at the age of 13.He has an advanced Masters of Visual Arts degree in Sculpture from Australian National University, where he also received his Bachelor’s of Visual Arts (Hon) in Sculpture. He received an advanced Diploma of Visual Art and Design from Canberra Institute of Technology.

He is the recipient of several awards including: 2022 Winner of the Société Générale Contemporary Art Collection, 2022 Recipient of the 6th Hong Kong Cultural and Creative Industry Award, 2021 1st runner up of the international art professional award, Mondial Art Academia and 2020 Semi-Finalist, Artbox Projects, Barcelona, Spain.

Established in 2001, when Hong Kong’s art scene was burgeoning, Katie de Tilly started 10 Chancery Lane Gallery. Along the back wall of the, then running, Victoria Prison, now the buzzing Tai Kwun Heritage and Cultural site, the little walking lane opened into a gallery specializing in contemporary art from the Asia-Pacific. Over the past 22 years, 10 Chancery Lane has worked with some of the region’s great artists, curators and museums. The gallery’s motto still stands: “We are committed to giving a breath of fresh air to the Hong Kong art scene by bringing works that can expand horizons, open minds and view the world, and life in general, through varying eyes, ideas and souls. Art is not just decoration for our walls but a connection with our deep inner selves and the world around us.”