Art Book Club 1 - Confessions of an Art Addict by Peggy Guggenheim 31 Mar,2020


The Art Book Club Series -
Confessions of an Art Addict
by Peggy Guggenheim


10 Chancery Lane Gallery is excited to launch a new initiative to enrich us during this special time. The Art Book Club series will investigate art on many levels through each book, not only reading the story, but also looking at the movements and artworks of the artists involved. Our first book, Confessions of an Art Addict by Peggy Guggenheim is a fascinating read on how she built her collection during the hard times of the 2nd World War and started her gallery in New York and her palazzo in Venice. A patron of art since the 1930s, Peggy Guggenheim, in a candid self-portrait, provides an insider's view of the early days of modern art, with revealing accounts of her eccentric wealthy family, her personal and professional relationships, and often surprising portrayals of the artists themselves. Here is a book that captures a valuable chapter in the history of modern art, as well as the spirit of one of its greatest advocates.

Confessions of an Art Addict is available on e-book platform (e.g. Kindle and iBooks) or other booksellers so please do so right away. The gallery has ordered 10 copies just in case you can’t get it in time. Each group will have no more than 10 attendees and will be hosted on zoom in English. We have never done this so we will see how it goes and adjust for the future. But we hope that all the participants can help each of us to learn more and go deeper into art of the times and the characters that created them. 


Happy Hour
Tuesdays at HKT 6-7:30pm
Beginning March 31st
Late Mornings
Wednesdays at HKT 11-12:30pm
Beginning April 8th

Please sign up via: with your full name and contact number stating which group you are joining.