Huang Rui presents a performance at 10 Chancery Lane Gallery Art Projects: Black and White Cats 49,Then? Huang Rui 27 Nov,2014|PERFORMANCE

Huang Rui presents a performance at 10 Chancery Lane Gallery Art Projects:

Black and White Cats 49,Then?


And an installation:

One Country Two Systems, 50 Years Unchanged


Performance: 5pm,  Saturday 29 November 2014

Exhibition open 11am – 7pm for Chaiwan Day as part of the HK Art Gallery Association Week

Chinese Artist Huang Rui will present a performance art work entitled Black and White Cats 49,Then?  Inspired by the slogan by Deng Xiaoping, “It doesn’t matter if a cat is black or white as long as it catches mice.” Huang Rui will create a live action painting that is 15 meters long and 4 meters tall.  The painting is divided into 50 sections. The painting represents the colors black and white to signify the Yin and Yang. Divided into sections of 7, Huang Rui will paint the bodies of 7 women and create rubbings onto the canvas with their bodies. They will first be painted white and then black, eventually the rubbings will become grey. The numbers have significance: 7 times 7 is 49. China was established in 1949.  49 further is an important number in Buddhism as it is said that when one dies it takes 49 days for rebirth. The Buddha, Siddhāttha contemplated for 49 days before reaching enlightenment. Hong Kong is now in the 17th year since the Handover from the British. Deng Xiaoping created the slogan: “One Country Two Systems, 50 years Unchanged.”  While a third of the 50 years has been completed the One Country Two Systems idea has already been challenged. Huang Rui’s performance asks what comes after 49? 


In addition to this new work, Huang Rui will show his work made in 2006, “One Country Two Systems Fifty Years Unchanged!”. The audience is invited to write or draw on the wall outside the gallery to discuss this idea. Huang Rui's work One Country Two Systems, Fifty Years Unchanged! comprises an installation of commonly found Hong Kong items that have all been relabeled with the slogan used during the handover to China to question what can remain the same for 50 years. Huang Rui’s work is meant as a creation of art. “Creation is the question. Creation is also the answer” says Huang Rui. “In certain time, certain site or certain pressure, it is necessary for artists to create large independent art works. Artworks are artistic games.”


Huang Rui is one of China’s most highly regarded artists, one of the founding members of the Stars Group of 1979 and a seminal figure of the Dashanzi Factory 798 Art District. Since co-organizing China’s first public art exhibition in Beijing in 1979, Huang Rui has sought to express art’s function as a reflection of society and its strength in addressing contemporary concerns.



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Venue Address:

10 Chancery Lane Gallery Art Projects

Industrial City Phase One

604, 60 Wing Tai Rd

Chaiwan – Hong Kong