ashita mata (again tomorrow) is the first Hong Kong solo exhibition of renowned contemporary Japanese artist Ai Yamaguchi.  Yamaguchi's work connects both traditional and contemporary Japanese art.  She is most recognized for her paintings of nine child-like courtesans with long fine hair and round turquoise eyes quietly lounging in an invented brothel.  Yamaguchi will install her largest multi-canvas work to date inside the gallery's space in SoHo, complemented with site-specific wall murals.  These works take their reference from calligraphy and are deliberately made into pieces.  Yamaguchi states, “I decided to make this artwork into pieces both for the fugacious feeling of a lost unity, the mystery born from imagining the absent surrounding pieces, and the new image and values created by taking each part separately.”  Yamaguchi has achieved an international reputation for her strongly characterized style and unique synthesis of the traditional Japanese ukiyoe style with contemporary interpretation. She has exhibited extensively in Los Angeles, USA, Tokyo, Japan, Taipei, Taiwan and Beijing, China.

Exhibition runs until 30th June 2012 (saturday)
Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday 10am to 6pm.

Artworks can be viewed on:

Enquiry: +852 2810 0065

In collaboration with: MIZUMA ART GALLERY
Image credit:
from "tsuki wa kakureta"
acrylic on cotton, blanket and panel
photo: MIYAJIMA Kei
(c) ai yamaguchi・ninyu works
Courtesy Mizuma Art Gallery, Tokyo