Art Book Club 5 - Warhol by Blake Gopnik 28 Apr,2021

Art Book Club: Warhol by Blake Gopnik 


Starting April 28

Wednesdays 11am-12pm* via Zoom

*This is a weekly gathering to read the book in parts and discuss as we go along looking at the art, as well as, the art of their contemporaries and the people and politics who influenced it. 


To this day, mention the name “Andy Warhol” to almost anyone and you’ll hear about his famous images of soup cans and Marilyn Monroe. But though Pop Art became synonymous with Warhol’s name and dominated the public’s image of him, his life and work are infinitely more complex and multi-faceted than that.

 In Warhol, esteemed art critic Blake Gopnik takes on Andy Warhol in all his depth and dimensions. “The meanings of his art depend on the way he lived and who he was,” as Gopnik writes. “That’s why the details of his biography matter more than for almost any cultural figure,” from his working-class Pittsburgh upbringing as the child of immigrants to his early career in commercial art to his total immersion in the “performance” of being an artist, accompanied by global fame and stardom—and his attempted assassination.  

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